Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services

Our OCIO Services

If you are seeking additional expertise and leverage, our Outsourced CIO solution was designed to provide key deliverables that free up advisors to spend more time with clients while keeping your firm connected to the ultimate investment process they employ.

Rather than a subscription service that is one-size-fits-all, we build a customized relationship with firms to create deliverables they need most, freeing up their time to engage with clients on the more personal side of investing.

What is an OCIO?

An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) acts as a full-service third-party provider to wealth management, investment management, or consulting firms and takes on the investment related responsibilities of those organizations. That typically includes setting the strategic asset allocation, selecting managers to oversee day-to-day portfolio management, and providing guidance on the overall direction of clients’ investment portfolios.

What are the benefits of an OCIO?

For many firms, partnering with an OCIO provides additional expertise, leverage, and allows advisors time to focus on other elements of their business. There are other benefits to this relationship as well, like more efficient time management, reduction of costs, customized financial solutions, streamlined decision-making, and working with a network of trusted professionals.

What does an OCIO provide?

There’s a reason why investment outsourcing is on the rise, and one of the best things about using an OCIO is that the relationship is customized to exactly what you want and need. Wealthspire provides many routine, quarterly, and annual services.

Our Investment Team

The Investment Team members are generalists with a primary responsibility to continuously research for new opportunities and monitor/evaluate existing investments.

Craig Amico, CFA®, CIPM®

Vice President, Investments

Craig serves as a member of the Investment Team and...

Connor Darrell, CFA®

Vice President, Investments

Connor is a Vice President on the Investment Team and...

Dmitriy Katsnelson

Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Dmitriy joined the firm in 2015 through the acquisition of...

Chris Maxey, CAIA

Managing Director, Chief Market Strategist

Chris serves as Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist on...

Corey McGuire, CFA®

Vice President, Investments

Corey serves as a Vice President on the Investment Team....

Michael Moriarty

Chief Investment Officer

Michael joined the firm in 2017. As Chief Investment Officer,...

Emily Platt, CFP®

Assistant Vice President, Investments

Emily joined the firm as a client associate in 2017...

Our Investment Team’s Core Philosophies

1 We are passionate about financial markets, manager due diligence, and investment strategies.

2 We are responsive to the needs, questions, and requests of Advisors.

3 We provide timely and accessible information on managers and markets.

4 We are intellectually honest, rigorous and naturally skeptical of the latest “shiny object.”

Investment Team Function & Support

Advisor Support

  • Portfolio reviews
  • One off strategy reviews
  • Prospect support
  • Advisor education

Asset Allocation

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Model portfolios
  • Implementation guidance
  • Capital Market Assumptions

Due Diligence

  • Manager due diligence
  • Strategic & opportunistic searches
  • Vehicle agnostic
  • Cost & tax efficient


  • Rebalancing recommendations
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Tax analysis

Total Portfolio Solution

  • Multi-asset class models
  • Active, passive, or ESG/impact
  • No private offerings
  • Less customization


  • Multiple asset class options
  • External investment manager selection
  • Due-diligence on private offerings
  • Collaboration with Investment Committee

Fully Customized

  • Develop customized models/separate accounts
  • Negotiated manager fees
  • Due diligence on private offerings
  • Customized investment searches

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