Impact Investing

The Value for Investors and Our Approach

At Wealthspire Advisors® we work with clients and institutions to align their investments with their values and mission. We believe Impact Investing is an investment decision-making process that includes the impact of a portfolio’s investments on People, Places, and the Planet. It is not a stand-alone asset class, but a holistic decision-making framework to be applied across a client’s entire portfolio.

Our impact service delivery is supported jointly by the firm’s Impact Investing Committee and members of our Investment team. Wealthspire® also partners with independent and specialized impact advisory firms to broaden our access to research on thematic issue areas such as climate change, sustainability and diversity & inclusion, to augment our own due diligence of public and private fund managers in the impact field.

What Impact Investing Offers


Investing with an impact lens, i.e. considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, enables investors to spot companies with a superior capacity for long-term value creation.


There is growing evidence of a correlation between high ESG scores and risk mitigation. A recent MSCI study found strong evidence that companies with strong ESG profiles are better at managing both investment risks and opportunities.


With the growing awareness of climate change, clean energy, and the benefits of social inclusion, workplace fairness and community development, more investors are seeking the peace of mind associated with having a values-aligned investment portfolio.

Our Approach

Our impact investment offerings have both broad appeal as well as the ability to uniquely integrate your personal values. We encompass screening, ESG integration, shareholder advocacy, and thematic approaches, all enabling our clients to know the tangible social and environmental impacts of their portfolios.

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Ready to Make an Impact?

To begin or to advance your own impact investing journey, our advisors can engage with you in a comprehensive discovery process to explore options that are most suitable to your personal goals, values and impact intentions.