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Striking the Balance: 10 Tips for Managing Burnout While Building Your Career

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Like millions of folks around the world, my life took a complete turn in April of 2020. Within seven days, I went from living and working in a bustling city to working from a dining room table at my family home in rural western Washington. My days once filled with meetings, lunchtime walks with my colleagues, and busy evenings pivoted to what felt like a never-ending cycle of waking up, caffeinating myself, sitting stationary at my computer for hours, and late nights. Without consistent days in an office and social gatherings with coworkers and friends, the lines between work and…
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Summer 2022 Market Recap & Outlook

There have been lots of headlines over the last six months, so what’s top of mind for our Investment Team? In our Summer 2022 Market Recap, we cover inflation, the Fed’s response to recent market trends, the recession question, and more. Wealthspire Advisors LLC is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary company of NFP Corp. This information should not be construed as a recommendation, offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy a particular security or investment strategy. The commentary provided is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for accounting, legal, or tax advice.…
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q2 2022 commentary

2022 2nd Quarter Commentary: “Inflation Has Everyone on Edge – What Comes Next? ”

Market Commentary
Recap In a continuation of the first quarter, stocks and bonds struggled to find any sort of traction in the second quarter, leading to one of the roughest six-month starts to a calendar year on record. As stewards of client capital, we understand how difficult and challenging these last six months have been and we continue to work to ensure portfolios are properly positioned for successful outcomes over the long term. Markets have gone through numerous ups and downs over the course of centuries. No matter how often an investor goes through the bad times, it never feels especially comfortable.…
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The Sandcastle and the Larger Dune

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I am writing this from my laptop, while attending a conference on “Artificial Intelligence in Financial Technology” at Stanford University on Friday, June 17, 2022. I must admit there is a feeling that I am, along with professors, grad students, and former colleagues, fiddling with far-out finance topics whilst very immediate and practical issues face our investors. Why go, then? One reason is that this conference had been paused for three years due to COVID shutdowns. Further, now more than ever, it is important to interact with colleagues on the leading edge as one may find new ideas and opportunities.…
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Markets in 2 Minutes – June 2022

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It’s been three decades since stocks and bonds have been down simultaneously, proving to be a tough year for investors. In this month’s edition of Markets in 2 Minutes, Emily Platt of the Investment Team discusses how inflation has historically impacted equity markets and sets expectations for investors looking ahead.