Endowments and Foundations

Small and mid-size endowments and foundations face unique challenges.

Smaller endowments and foundations typically experience a higher turnover in staff, have fewer in-house resources to leverage, and need to minimize operational costs. They must balance these things while also generating long-term results that are lower risk. Without access to in-house expertise, small and mid-size endowments and foundations often rely on outside partners for guidance. That’s where we come in.

How We Serve Endowments & Foundations

Mission-Driven Organizations

We have the experience and capabilities to establish clarity and key objectives while incorporating an investment strategy that aligns with your organization’s mission and helps address capital preservation needs.

Fiduciary Responsibility

The role of a fiduciary is to adhere to the highest ethical standards, always act in the best interest of their clients, provide
full disclosure, and continuously provide oversight and monitoring.

Investment Committee Governance

Instituting proper governance includes incorporating best practices, overseeing all aspects of the engagement, and adhering to present regulatory requirements.

Investment Committee Education

In working with many organizations,
we realize the importance of education to ensure everyone on the committee is empowered with all the necessary information.

Investment Policy Statements 

Developing a well-crafted IPS helps establish and preserve clear guidelines for specific objectives, benchmarks, and asset allocation strategies for the organization.

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction

We help you invest for the long term, using a disciplined approach that helps further your organization’s mission.

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Our Dedicated Team

Our advisors bring decades of sophisticated expertise managing the financial complexities of individuals, families, and institutions. Their backgrounds and experiences are as diverse as their clients; we have over 100 advisors across the U.S. to serve you. Looking for a financial advisor? Start your search here.

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