You can rely on us, so your company can rely on you.

Corporate Executives are counted on to drive a company’s success and understand the importance of devoting their full time and attention to their professional responsibilities. Our advisors are here to partner with you on your personal finances to ensure you stay aligned with your goals.

Maximizing Your Wealth

The amount, timing, and form of compensation to executives can have long-term effects on motivation and retention.  To assist executives in fully realizing all company benefits, our experienced advisors offer expertise in the nuances of compensation benefits and taxation to create a thoughtful financial strategy so executives can focus more fully on their company’s mission.

How We Serve Executives

Executive Compensation and Benefits

Our advisors have many years’ experience reviewing compensation plans for business executives. 

Stock Option and Tax Planning Guidance

From incentive stock options (ISOs), non-qualified stock options (NSOs), restricted stock, and other equity programs, we understand the complex structures of executive compensation and their potential tax opportunities.

Insurance Planning

We understand the unique insurance needs for executives, including  directors & officers liability insurance, employment practices liability coverage, life and disability insurance and more.

Investment Strategy

Our advisors are supported by an internal investment committee and dedicated internal investment staff that seeks to provide steady investment guidance to clients through strategic asset allocation, rigorous due diligence, and tailored portfolio construction.

Financial Planning

We are adept at understanding the full scope of your financial needs and provide comprehensive wealth management that is focused on helping you achieve your life goals. 

Our Dedicated Team

Our advisors bring decades of sophisticated experience managing the complexities of executive compensation and your evolving needs. 

Yoni Berhane, CFP®

Vice President

Jonathan joined the firm in 2016 with a strong background...

Kevin Brady, CFP®

Vice President

As a Financial Advisor in our New York Office, Kevin...

Michael Delgass, J.D.

Managing Director

Mike uses his extensive prior experience as an attorney to...

Craig Fasano, J.D.

Managing Director

Craig has over 20 years of experience in the wealth...

Zachary Gering, CFP®

Managing Director

Zachary Gering is a Managing Director, financial advisor, and also...

Ashley E. Iddings, CIMA®, CPWA®

Managing Director

Ashley is a Managing Director and head of Wealthspire Advisors’...

Donna Levy

Managing Director

Donna joined the firm in 2000. She serves as an...

Chip Pyfer, JD, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®

Managing Director

Chip Pyfer is a Managing Director and Advisor in the...

Grant Ruder, CFP®

Managing Director

Grant Ruder, CFP® is a Managing Director of Wealthspire Advisors...

Bill Schwartz, CPA, CFP®

Managing Director

Mr. Schwartz is a Managing Director in the Potomac, MD...

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