What Is An OCIO?

What is an OCIO?

An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) acts as a full-service third-party provider to wealth management, investment management, or consulting firms and takes on the investment related responsibilities of those organizations. That typically includes setting the strategic asset allocation, selecting managers to oversee day-to-day portfolio management, and providing guidance on the overall direction of clients’ investment portfolios.

Beyond the obvious investment management function, an OCIO can provide huge benefits to an RIA seeking additional expertise and leverage by providing key deliverables that will free up time for advisors to spend with clients. Not only does an OCIO help free up time, but it can reduce risk and overhead, and enhance a firm’s platform by providing a customized investment plan with expanded research and investment capabilities.

The Benefits of an OCIO

For many firms, partnering with an OCIO provides additional expertise, leverage, and allows advisors time to focus on other elements of their business. There are other benefits to this relationship as well, like the following examples.

More Efficient Time Management

Wealthspire Advisors’ OCIO solution was designed to add efficiency to advisors’ businesses by providing key deliverables that may be otherwise left to advisors. Advisor time that may have been allocated to time-consuming projects can instead be used for individual investment conversations, thorough client care, and other areas of one’s practice. Despite the hands-off nature of an OCIO, you remain closely connected to the investment philosophies and processes employed on behalf of your clients.

Reduce Costs

RIAs who choose to use an OCIO reduce staffing and technology costs while still ensuring a standardized and trusted process. With an OCIO, there is no need to build out a fully staffed internal investment office, which can be a significant financial undertaking.

When using Wealthspire’s OCIO services, your firm can build out a customized investment platform with expanded research capabilities and investment choices to help exceed client expectations, all at much lower cost.

Customized Financial Solutions

OCIO services aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as advisors are unique, so too are the client relationships they foster. Wealthspire provides the ability to customize its services in order to provide firms with the deliverables and investment solutions they need most. Doing so allows advisors to spend time engaging with clients and taking care of the more personal side of investing.

Streamlined Decision-Making

An OCIO can improve the decision-making process by assuming responsibility for the ongoing management of investment portfolios and removing the inherent complexity of managing numerous unique client circumstances.

Trustworthy Relationships

Wealthspire’s Investment Team maintains professional relationships with clients and prioritizes open communication and availability. Our Investment Team is transparent and objective in decision-making and keeps the client’s best interests at the forefront.

What does an OCIO provide?

There’s a reason why investment outsourcing is on the rise and one of the best things about using an OCIO is that the relationship is customized to exactly what you want and need. Wealthspire provides many routine, quarterly, and annual services. These include:


  • A customized suite of research support as needed based on your goals
  • Personalized support on proposal and presentation responses
  • Support for transitioning and onboarding large relationships
  • Weekly investment email
  • Access to Investment Team members
  • Updates on approved managers and notification of status changes
  • Updates on affirmative Investment Committee votes (held monthly)
  • Routinely updated model portfolios and approved managers


  • Client-facing investment commentary
  • Attribution/Outlier report for an agreed-upon list of your managers as well as any managers from the
    Wealthspire recommended list


  • Updates to capital market assumptions
  • Participation by an Investment Team member in up to two Investment Committee meetings via phone
  • Additional services available upon discussion
  • Video meetings with individual advisors or clients
  • Further client-facing content: video tutorials, blogs, and infographics

With many years spent operating as an RIA, Wealthspire Advisors understands the unique balance required to meet the needs of high-net-worth investors. Wealthspire’s OCIO services provide a collaborative and personalized approach to meet those needs while saving your firm time and money.


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