Charitable Investors

Aligning Wealth with Your Values Through Thoughtful, Personalized Planning

Philanthropic giving is deeply personal. Some of our clients have a giving tradition passed down through generations based on core values, while others are charting a path to ensure a lasting legacy for their heirs.

There are many strategies that can be used to optimize charitable goals, so our approach is to apply our experience and expertise to identify the best fit and then help execute.

How We Serve Charitable Investors

Philanthropic Mission Statements

A mission statement is a few sentences that crystalize the purpose and scope of your giving. It makes your charitable efforts more effective because it is based on what matters most to you and your family, it provides an outline for action, and it will help you feel more connected to your causes. 

Charitable Strategies

Our goal is to help you maximize your investment which may include donation of appreciated securities, donor advised funds (including community foundations), qualified charitable distributions, family foundations, charitable remainder trusts, and donating privately held securities such as private equity or limited partnership interests.

Estate Planning

Our advisors bring their expertise in partnership with our dedicated in-house team to ensure the philanthropic wishes of our clients are incorporated into their estate plans. This ensures clarity for beneficiaries and empowers them to act on our clients’ behalf, ensuring a legacy that will last for future generations.  

Our Dedicated Team

Our advisors understand the complexities of thoughtful, lasting philanthropic giving, particularly across generations. Their goal is to take the time to understand the wishes of their clients and help them in creating a meaningful plan for giving that maximizes the most current tax strategies, ensuring their investment makes the most impact. In addition, they’re also personally committed to serving their communities and many of them serve on Boards of local nonprofits that align with their values and mission. Looking for a financial advisor?

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