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Financial Awareness and Divorce

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I have been approached by many matrimonial attorneys, therapists, and divorce coaches who ask me to help their clients with their finances before, during, and after their divorces. Many people getting divorced, both men and women, may be smart, accomplished, or at their top of their professions, yet were not the ones handling the finances in their marriage. Many of these clients don’t know what they spend, how much their mortgage is, what assets they have, how much debt they have, what is in their investment accounts, or what is in their pension and retirement accounts. They weren’t the ones…
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sell business

Preparing to Sell Your Business: How to Optimize the Sale and Transition

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We’ve worked with entrepreneurs over the years who have poured their hearts and souls into their businesses. And when the time is right, many consider selling their company. Planning ahead can allow an entrepreneur to take steps to increase the value of their business. It can also help them to sell at the right time – when the price they can get for their business is optimal or before health issues or other problems might force them to sell. While many business owners understand that a transition plan is important, 43% have no plan in place and 80% do not…
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inherited IRA

What To Do With an Inherited IRA

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Losing a loved one can bring not only an emotional burden, but also significant financial responsibilities related to settling the estate. If you are a beneficiary to retirement plan assets, you may inherit control of all or part of a retirement plan account. So, what exactly can one do with an inherited Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a Roth IRA? What responsibilities do you have to the newly inherited account? The answers to these questions may depend on your relationship to the deceased. Here I will discuss several factors that will determine what you can do with inherited retirement assets.…
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file divorce

Determining Where to File for Divorce

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In most situations, you will file for a divorce in the state in which you and/or your spouse live. If you and your spouse own property in different states or you live apart, you might be able to select the state in which to file. In those situations, you and your attorney should evaluate the respective states’ divorce laws to determine the best choice. Among the items to consider are the length of time it will take to grant a divorce, the age of majority used in determining how long a parent is required to pay child support (for some…
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financial planning family

Financial Planning When Starting a Family

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Planning for significant life transitions is central to financial planning. As recent first-time parents, we can say with confidence that there may be no greater transition in life than starting a family. Like any new phase of life, this transition brings along an infinite number of decisions and items to remember. Both before the baby arrives and, in the weeks, months, and years after, it can be helpful to understand and plan for some of the financial challenges that lie ahead. Coming from the perspective of both financial advisors and new parents, we’ve provided this checklist of some key financial…
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