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Retirement Checklist: Planning Today for the Tomorrow You Deserve

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 “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”  - Alan Lakein If that sounds like a downer, that is not the intention! Everything in life is about balance, so perhaps taking on a mindset of making the most of today while planning for a longer tomorrow is more helpful in ensuring a happy and healthy long life. Whether an outcome of living through the past few years or a shift in overall mindset, popular culture today encourages us to focus on the now, live for today, and seize the moment. While…
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adjusted gross income

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

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What Is Adjusted Gross Income? Adjusted gross income (AGI) is one figure used in the calculation of income tax liability. It is determined by subtracting allowable adjustments from gross income. Adjusted Gross Income Calculator Your adjusted gross income is your total income, or gross, minus any eligible deductions. To find your AGI, add all forms of income together, then tax and subtract deductions from that amount. Your AGI can be zero or even negative. Use an AGI calculator to see eligible deductions and help you figure out your Adjusted Gross Income. Adjusted Gross Income Example Examples of forms of income…
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Selecting a Financial Advisor

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Do you know what to consider when selecting a financial advisor? It’s never too early to secure your financial future. Managing your finances can be time-consuming and complicated, especially if you experience a sudden change in cash flow, run into unforeseen tax or legal ramifications, and more. Financial planners provide many benefits, helping you: Get your finances in order and establish long-term goals. Understand your risk tolerance. Save time while planning for the future. Navigate financial rules and regulations. However, not all financial advisors are the same. Our guide, “How to Select a Financial Advisor,” will guide you through the…
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How Medical Professionals Can Build a Solid Financial Plan

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The pandemic has been taking a grueling toll on medical professionals. According to a recent survey, more than 73% of physicians reported feeling overworked, and more than 30% reported that they are looking for another career or considering retiring early as a result. Additionally, nearly one in five health care professionals has already quit since the pandemic began. Even if you’re not at your wit’s end with your job, you may want to be certain that you could quit if you wanted to, and that you will be able to retire when the time comes. But you likely also have…
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