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inherited IRA

What To Do With an Inherited IRA

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Losing a loved one can bring not only an emotional burden, but also significant financial responsibilities related to settling the estate. If you are a beneficiary to retirement plan assets, you may inherit control of all or part of a retirement plan account. So, what exactly can one do with an inherited Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a Roth IRA? What responsibilities do you have to the newly inherited account? The answers to these questions may depend on your relationship to the deceased. Here I will discuss several factors that will determine what you can do with inherited retirement assets.…
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2020 q2

2020 2nd Quarter Commentary: “Another Ride on the Roller Coaster?”

Market Commentary
At A Glance Volatility from the first quarter bled into the second, though this time to the upside. Equity markets staged a strong rally in Q2 2020 with US markets up anywhere from 15%-25% and international markets slightly behind but still up double digits. The long-anticipated rotation from growth stocks into value showed some fits and starts in Q2, but growth stocks still ended Q2 ~25% ahead of value YTD. Fixed Income markets rallied as well, especially the riskier credit markets that suffered heavily in Q1 2020. The continued dissonance between the strength of the financial markets and the worsening…
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outsourced cio services

Wealthspire Advisors Launches Outsourced CIO Services

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New York, July 7, 2020 – Wealthspire Advisors, an NFP company and independent investment advisor, today announced the launch of their Outsourced CIO services to RIAs serving sophisticated clients. Smaller advisor firms are now able to engage Wealthspire Advisors for customized investment services, including due diligence, investment product selection and other forms of case support. Outsourced CIO clients will receive a customized suite of research support based on firm goals and needs. They will also have access to key tools, including routinely updated model portfolios, capital market assumptions, manager due diligence, and case support for large clients and prospects. Clients…
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Equity Investing Since the Dawn of Covid-19

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Stock markets have been on an uncomfortable ride in 2020, leaving open a great deal of confusion and many questions as to what happened and what comes next. While we don’t know with any certainty what comes next, we are beginning to understand what happened as news of the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded and why markets have responded so strongly since March 23rd. This year has once again reminded us that stock market volatility is a basic axiom of investing. Although it may disappear for long stretches and the collective of investors are lulled into a sense of boredom, volatility inevitably…
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stocks covid

Adding to Stocks During Covid-19

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The spread of Covid-19 has been referred to as a “black swan” event by some, meaning an occurrence with potentially severe consequences that were unpredictable. The consequences have certainly been severe with disruption to jobs, schools, and everyday life (though health experts would argue whether this was unpredictable). The first quarter of 2020 saw a nearly 35% market drop from the all-time highs of February, in a matter of weeks. The volatility index, or VIX, sometimes referred to as the “fear index” shot through the roof. In the short-term, the U.S. economy, along with many others across the globe, has…
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may 2020 chartology

May Chartology: What’s Behind the Modest 2-month Comeback in Equity Markets?

After equity markets plummeted during the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, they seem to have staged a modest comeback in the past 2 months. Chris Maxey of our Investment Team discusses the reasons why in this edition of Chartology. May 2020 Chartology from Wealthspire Advisors on Vimeo. We're back with Chartology and we want to talk about the equity markets this year. It's been a strange and wild ride that we've been on for the better part of a couple months now, and we want to talk about why that is. So, the first thing you see here is what's…
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