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risk tolerance

Risk Tolerance

Financial Dictionary
Risk Tolerance Definition Risk tolerance is a measurement of the degree of variability in investment returns that an investor is willing to withstand. In other words, it measures an investor’s willingness or ability to handle investment losses and still achieve goals. Why Is Risk Tolerance Important? Knowing your risk tolerance is important when building a financial plan so that you can grow your money comfortably and avoid the stressors of investing beyond your means. Lower-risk investments should be considered if you can’t afford or don’t want to risk losing any money (even temporarily), or if you would accept generally lower…
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market volatility

How Should I React to Market Volatility?

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After years of positive market performance, newer investors are seeing for the first time that markets do not go up in a straight line. While we saw a correction in March of 2020 when the start of COVID spooked markets and investors, the recovery was swift. We are now seeing more volatility, so clients are asking, “What should I do?” Stay the Course Creating and sticking to a financial plan – a road map of where you are and want to be financially – will keep you from making knee jerk moves in response to market volatility and declines. It’s…
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Puncturing Inflation

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“We don’t really know what it is, we don’t really know what causes it, we don’t really know how to measure it, but we really know we’re worried about it!” The stock market is never happy unless it has something miserable to complain and worry about. Having moved on incredibly quickly from a worldwide pandemic, the chattering investor classes have retrained their sights on that old 1970s bugaboo, “inflation.” As you can tell from the cumbersome subtitle, inflation is the most confusing and misunderstood investment concept that we think about. Every policy maker, every economist, and every investor has a…
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Meeting with a financial advisor

Selecting a Financial Advisor

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Do you know what to consider when selecting a financial advisor? It’s never too early to secure your financial future. Managing your finances can be time-consuming and complicated, especially if you experience a sudden change in cash flow, run into unforeseen tax or legal ramifications, and more. Financial planners provide many benefits, helping you: Get your finances in order and establish long-term goals. Understand your risk tolerance. Save time while planning for the future. Navigate financial rules and regulations. However, not all financial advisors are the same. Our guide, “How to Select a Financial Advisor,” will guide you through the…
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Winter 2022 Market Recap & Outlook

After a strong year for equity markets comes to a close, our team reflects on the trends of 2021 and looks ahead to some of 2022's most pressing topics - inflation, the Fed, mid-term elections, and more. Wealthspire Advisors LLC is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary company of NFP Corp. This information should not be construed as a recommendation, offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy a particular security or investment strategy. The commentary provided is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for accounting, legal, or tax advice. While the information is…
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