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Thinking of Engagement? 15 Financial Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

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When two people who are both professionals consider getting engaged and married, it is imperative that they first consider their finances. Some entrepreneurs, business owners, and high earners (or their parents) will want a pre-nuptial agreement. Whether you are in a position of wealth or just starting out, there are many questions that should be discussed before walking down the aisle. The first set of questions involves current finances: How much do each of you make? How much have each of you saved? Do you both have retirement plans? Are you contributing to 401(k) plans at work? Are each of…
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Q2 2021 commentary

2021 2nd Quarter Commentary: “The Permanent Debate of Transitory Metrics”

Market Commentary
In this letter: Monetary and fiscal policy remain very accommodative, translating to elevated valuations across markets. A new industry catchword for 2021. Risk tolerance should not be forgotten when times are good. As financial asset classes continue to exhibit strong risk on characteristics, there is emerging tension between the fuel supporting such risk taking (strong) and the valuations of both equities and fixed income (expensive). The Federal Reserve remains exceedingly accommodative, both by keeping rates at zero and by purchasing vast amounts of the issuance of Treasury bonds. The market seeks clues as to when these stances will change via…
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summer reading list

Summer Reading List 2021

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Now that school is out and a holiday weekend is just around the corner, some may be looking to brush up on their summer reading. This set of recommendations comes from three of our advisors who found these books to be enjoyable, edifying, and well worth the read. Enjoy! “Uncharted – How to Navigate the Future” by Margaret Heffernan Recommended by Laura Barry, CFP® Uncharted: How to Navigate the Future is a great read for those who experience worry about their future, especially for those who constantly seek certainty. In her book, former CEO and TED speaker Margaret Heffernan gives…
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Markets in 2 Minutes – May 2021

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Growth stocks have been sluggish as of late and high valuations have many drawing parallels to the 90s tech boom. In this month’s “Markets in 2 Minutes”, Chris Maxey talks about how the Wealthspire Investment Team thinks about this going forward.

Spring 2021 Market Recap

With record-high equity allocations in portfolios, should investors be concerned? Our investment team tackles this and more, including fixed income and the ramifications of potential tax legislation, in our most recent market recap. Wealthspire Advisors LLC is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary company of NFP Corp. This information should not be construed as a recommendation, offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy a particular security or investment strategy. The commentary provided is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for accounting, legal, or tax advice. While the information is deemed reliable, Wealthspire Advisors…
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