A Summer Internship at Wealthspire Advisors

Written and compiled by 2023 Summer Marketing Intern Juliana Tabback

For several years now, Wealthspire Advisors has hosted an 8-week summer internship program that welcomes rising college seniors and those with extensive interest in the wealth management world. Starting with only a handful of interns in a select number of offices, our internship program has expanded tremendously alongside our firm’s growth, enabling us to bring on 20 interns across the country this summer.

We aim for our program to be much more than just a resume-booster for college students; we want our interns to learn valuable skills and have real-world experiences that help prepare them for their future professional endeavors. Throughout the years, we’ve been fortunate to offer many of our interns full-time positions with us post-graduation, and many of them are still with us today. Here are just a few components of our program that we believe make it a success.

Meaningful Hands-On Projects & Training

One differentiator for us is that interns are given the opportunity to work on “real-world” projects. Our belief is that it’s crucial for each intern to see firsthand the impact that their contributions have in real life settings. Each intern is also assigned a capstone project to be presented near the end of their eight weeks, which encompasses what they’ve learned throughout the summer and typically follows some kind of case study. Additionally, to ensure our interns understand the basics of firm operations and functions, we provide both informal and formal training sessions during the beginning weeks of the program. Weekly meetings and webinars are held to help advance our interns’ skillsets in internal and external software, project management, etc. Most importantly, interns are always encouraged to contact team members if any questions or concerns arise, which fosters success throughout the program.

Mentorship & Support Systems

Another foundational element of our program is a strong support system rooted in mentorship to help guide our interns as they grow both professionally and personally. We have a thoughtful plan in place, share resources, and adapt to each person’s needs to provide support to the interns while they work through their assignments. Not only are clear goals established at the beginning, but ongoing constructive feedback is shared to ensure our interns are aware of their strengths and areas for potential growth. One of the many ways we also support our interns is through various events such as “Lunch and Learns” and other virtual and in-person experiences that offer opportunities for networking and deeper connection.

Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Although the majority of our interns serve in wealth management roles, we encourage each of them to go beyond the field they’ve chosen to pursue and explore other areas of interest. For example, we’re purposeful about opening conversations between the interns and our various back-office departments, allowing them to gain a well-rounded perspective of the firm and industry. Throughout the program, our interns are invited to attend meetings and work on projects that highlight each of our distinct teams, helping them understand the unique responsibilities, functions, and goals of the department. By collaborating with a diverse group of teams and engaging in interactive Q&A sessions, our interns also get to network with senior leaders at Wealthspire and are exposed to alternative career paths within the industry.

An Inclusive Work Environment  

We strive to cultivate a work environment where inclusion and respect are the rule, not the exception. Our goal is to make each person feel like they belong and have a voice. For instance, interns are actively encouraged to engage in dialogue with the firm’s leaders, participate in important meetings, and attend social gatherings or team-building events to connect more closely with colleagues across the firm. Our interns are also invited to a handful of higher-profile conferences for further exposure, like their meeting with parent-company CEO Doug Hammond. We go out of our way to amplify the stories and accomplishments of our interns via company social media and communications, further reinforcing the idea that they are truly part of the team and that their work has a lasting impact.

A Few Words from Our Interns

West Coast

Kyle Humphreys: “I’ve been extremely impressed by and grateful for how comprehensive the program is and how much everyone is willing to help. One lesson I’ve learned at Wealthspire is that you are only as strong as the team behind you. I’ve also realized how essential it is to have a basic understanding of financial planning. I will be able to take these lessons and apply them no matter where I end up working.”

Tony Ly: “The best thing about Wealthspire is that you are surrounded by incredibly smart and hard-working people who are willing to share their wisdom with you. I witnessed their strong culture of teamwork and their commitment to being thorough with attention to detail. I also learned about the importance of taking care of my personal finances. Wealthspire has given me a great foundation to successfully build my life upon, both professionally and personally.”

Jackson Yelland: “My summer spent as a Wealth Management Intern has been an incredible experience both for my personal and professional future. During my two months at Wealthspire, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and work alongside a group of talented and lively individuals in the West Coast Region and nationally. Throughout different projects and assignments, I’ve learned to use software such as eMoney, Salesforce, and Tamarac, which have shown me that I have the interpersonal and technical skills to be a financial advisor in the future.”


Matthew Krueger: “My time at Wealthspire has been nothing short of amazing. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from so many great people and I truly have come out of this experience as a much more well-rounded individual. One of my biggest takeaways from my time here that I look forward to implementing throughout the rest of my career and my life is simply to stay curious and always be open to learning new things.”

Jonathan Oury: “My experience at Wealthspire Advisors has been eye-opening. Over the course of this summer, I’ve learned so much about financial planning and the financial services industry. Working with the Milwaukee team has been a treat, as everyone has been so welcoming and eager to teach me in a way in which I’ll actually learn and grow. My duties have consisted of assisting advisors on client plans, office management, attending meetings and presentations, giving presentations, working on a capstone project, and shadowing different experts in the field. I am very lucky that I found an internship that does not just complement my skills, but also challenges me to develop them more fully. All the assignments and tasks have been educational and directly applicable to my career goals and interests. The major takeaways from my summer here include a deeper understanding of my potential career path, knowledge of how to work with and manage clients, the importance of developing a niche, and skills for continuing to grow as a person and financial planner. I am truly grateful for this experience that Wealthspire has provided me with.”


Artem Buzoverya: “My internship at Wealthspire has provided me with an in-depth look at holistic life planning as well as an understanding of the importance of client relations. I learned that being genuine and present in clients’ lives is the key to success for advisors who are providing wealth management services. In sum, the internship was a wonderful time in which I got to experience different aspects of the industry all at once. Learning all the intricacies of wealth management will help me in the future because it enables me to see the bigger picture of wealth planning beyond just the numbers and helps me to truly get to know what works for people.”

Alayjah Evans: “My experience working at Wealthspire in the West Hartford office was exceptional. The team’s warm and welcoming environment made me feel valued and supported throughout my time there. One of the highlights was the opportunity to explore different departments, including the Marketing and DEIB teams, which expanded my knowledge and understanding of the company’s operations. Over the summer, I learned the importance of networking, collaboration, and cross-functional collaboration in a professional setting. Engaging with various teams exposed me to different perspectives and skills, enhancing my adaptability and ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people.”

Sonee Goles: “My summer at Wealthspire has been such a wonderful experience filled with kind people, new knowledge, and hands-on experiences. More than anything else, I have truly appreciated how ready and willing everyone is to answer any question, let you sit in on meetings, share their wealth of knowledge, and support the interns throughout the summer. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that financial planning is truly an art and a science, and every advisor and associate approaches advising and planning differently. There is no perfect formula, but empathy and attention to detail seem to stand out to me as defining features of the great advisors at Wealthspire. I am so thankful to everyone who I’ve interacted with and learned from over the last eight weeks. I will carry the knowledge imparted to me by so many advisors and associates throughout the summer into the rest of my career and truly hope to take advantage of the incredible amount of wisdom I’ve been able to soak up during this time!”

Dylan Kramer: “Interning at Wealthspire has truly been an incredible experience. I was given many opportunities to aid advisors and associates in the financial planning process for clients and am very thankful for the guidance and support my colleagues provided me with. This internship has refined my collaborative skills through the work I’ve done with my team and other interns. The amount of exposure I received in my eight weeks here was invaluable. A big thank you to Wealthspire for the great opportunity I was given this summer.”

Eric Munjack: “Wealthspire has so many bright people who are always willing to guide and teach you along the way. I was able to have deep conversations with my team and discuss any topic I was curious about. Something important that I learned throughout my internship is the simple fact that clients are people and there’s an essential human element behind advising that requires you to have a connection with both the work and the client themselves.”

Ben Snediker: “Working at Wealthspire has been a great experience – both engaging and educational. The Wealthspire team goes above and beyond by providing exposure to all areas of the industry. Beyond technical skills, I also learned (and witnessed) how important company-wide engagement is. The best business practices occur when we cooperate as a team and act as resources for each other. Overall, this internship has presented great insight into the financial services industry and imparted invaluable tools I will use throughout my career.”

Juliana Tabback: “My experience at Wealthspire has been transformative for my personal and professional growth. In previous years, much of the work I was given throughout internship programs included tasks that focused on the preparation for a project – i.e., data clean-up, preliminary research, etc. However, during my time at Wealthspire, I was given countless opportunities to demonstrate my leadership skills within firm-wide projects, such as leading meetings with advisors and fronting the content creation for active marketing campaigns. This internship program taught me how to adapt to new teams and environments, as well as strengthened my ability to put the knowledge/skills I have acquired over the years into practice.”


Hayden Bitz: “Working for Wealthspire this summer has been nothing short of incredible. The firm develops a highly inclusive environment that promotes creativity by providing interns with projects and opportunities to explore different areas of the financial services industry. The skills that I have built are not only transferrable to my career, but also to my life, and I have Wealthspire to thank for that. From going through ADV reviews to developing Excel files and attending in-person meetings, Wealthspire has provided me with an opportunity to learn about the finance industry from a unique perspective and I am so grateful for the internship program.”

Liam Desmond: “The best lesson of all has been that it’s okay to ask questions. We can’t know everything, so having a supportive team environment is critical to both personal and team success. I hope to take this mentality into my professional future and pay forward all the guidance I’ve received here at Wealthspire.”

Eric Gibson: “My summer internship with Wealthspire has been nothing short of outstanding. The advisors in the Reston, VA office made me feel welcomed and valued, which is a testament to Wealthspire’s culture. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable group of people to learn from and work with. Through hands-on projects and informational meetings with professionals across the firm, I gained a deep understanding of the value that Wealthspire brings to clients. This invaluable experience has enabled me to grow my skillset and confidence as a young professional, which will serve me greatly in my pursuit of a career in wealth management upon graduating from college.”

Ariana Rezaiyan: “One crucial lesson I’ve learned is the importance of effective communication in the workplace. Learning to articulate ideas clearly and actively listen to others has been instrumental in building strong working relationships with colleagues. Furthermore, I have come to understand that adaptability and resilience are essential in the fast-paced business world. This internship has shed light on the significance of teamwork and collaboration. Working with diverse teams has shown me the power of collective brainstorming, pooling of skills, and leveraging each other’s strengths to achieve common goals.”

Abby Tran: “During my internship at Wealthspire, I had a profoundly positive experience that has expanded my horizons beyond my major of Management Information Systems. Working closely with Wealthspire’s amazing team, I was able to gain so much insight on vast financial instruments and strategies. This internship has undoubtedly strengthened my problem-solving skills, adaptability, and communication, creating a clearer path for my future.”

Joe Willever: “My time at Wealthspire has given me great insight into what the financial planning industry is like. The people here are fun to talk to and very competent at their jobs. I learned how to use some important programs and what to expect when dealing with clients. I am very grateful for the skills I’ve developed and the people I met here at Wealthspire.”


As an organization, we’d like to thank all of our interns for an amazing summer. We look forward to following along as each of them grows both professionally and personally, and we wish them nothing but the best moving forward. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our internship program or would like to apply for next year’s program, click here.

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