Family Legacy Planning

Wealth That Spans Generations

Our Family Legacy Planning and Education team is dedicated to guiding your family through generational planning conversations.

Securing multi-generational wealth requires careful planning and communication.

Educational resource to explain Family Legacy Planning and how it may benefit your particular family

Help build a structure to facilitate communication and decision making within families based on shared values and goals

Assistance with developing a communications portal for the family to access shared information

Assistance in defining roles for each family member to stay engaged and develop skills with the support and guidance of the collective family

Coordinate multigenerational family meetings to work through different viewpoints regarding wealth and manage conflicts

Guide families through the process of developing a shared vision and formalizing the family’s wishes through governance and family legacy documents

Assisting all generation levels regarding financial literacy, charitable planning and preparation for transferring wealth or selling a business

Assisting families with a shared and coordinated vision of philanthropy and sustainable investing

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