Athletes and Entertainers

Your financial needs are as unique as your success story.

For professional athletes, entertainers, songwriters and entrepreneurs, wealth management requires distinct expertise around revenue streams, career lengths, and financial aspirations. Wealthspire’s advisors have decades of experience working with professional athletes, creative professionals and those in the public eye. We understand your unique path to success, and we’re here for every step of your financial journey.  

We look beyond the numbers and listen – really listen – to what you say and don’t say, so that we can understand what matters most to you.  From there, we’ll educate you on your options and collaborate on an actionable plan that’s designed to secure your future while giving you the freedom to live your best life today.

How We Serve Athletes and Entertainers

  • Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) cash flow and planning
  • Accumulation planning for athletes and entertainers
  • Endorsement income and distribution planning for retirement
  • Coordination across agencies of financial affairs
  • Tax, gift, and estate planning
  • Risk management
  • Online investment reporting and aggregation
  • Mortgages and asset-based lending
  • Investment management
  • Strategic asset allocators
  • Customized portfolio construction
  • Expertise with alternative investments when appropriate
  • Ability to operate non-discretionary investment management agreements

Our Dedicated Team

Our advisors bring decades of sophisticated expertise managing the financial complexities of athletes and entertainers. Their backgrounds and experiences are as diverse as their clients; we have over 100 advisors across the U.S. to serve you. Search from our full list of advisors here.

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