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Identity Theft Prevention & Cybersecurity Best Practices

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Years ago, careful watch over your wallet and important documents was sufficient protection against identity theft and fraud. Unfortunately, those days are long gone, as such theft is growing exponentially, and cybersecurity breaches impact millions of people each year. Each individual must take action in order to keep his or her information safe. It is a mistake to assume that the safeguards your financial institutions (banks, credit cards, financial advisor, etc.) have in place are all that is needed to protect you. Below we highlight some cyber security best practices: Password Management Use a password manager to store details and…
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John Oliver & The Fiduciary Standard

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In his most recent episode, John Oliver did a great job uncovering several issues that plan sponsors and participants might find in their 401k plan.  We are proud to say our approach to advising retirement plans addresses all of these issues: Fiduciary– Many “financial advisors” do not act as a fiduciary to their clients, meaning they can act in a sales-like capacity (broker) rather than acting in their clients’ best interests.  Simply put – find someone who, both in practice and by law, must act in your best interest.  Sontag Advisory acts as a 3(38) ERISA fiduciary to our corporate retirement plan clients,…
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