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The Cryptocurrency Question

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A very common financial question that we have been asked before relates to Bitcoin1 (or any type of other cryptocurrency). Is it real? How is it valued? Should we invest in it? Can it keep going up in price? The answers to these questions are not easily answered, are complex, and are dynamic over time. To start, Crypto comes from the Greek Kruptos, which means “hidden.” Because of the complexity of the subject matter, we would prefer to hide from making an opinion on cryptocurrencies in general. However, they (and the technology surrounding them) are increasingly relevant in our world…
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Keep Your Identity to Yourself!

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With all the recent headlines from the hacking of consumer data at Equifax, combined with data breaches over the years at Target, JPMorgan Chase, Yahoo!, Sony, and many more, it is probably safe to assume that your personal financial data is not completely secure in our cyber world. Per a recent study by Javelin Research out of Pleasanton, California, about one out of every sixteen US consumers were a victim of identity theft in 2016, with damages close to $16 billion. Further, most victims are not even aware that they have been hacked for many months. Fraudsters using your basic…
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Credit reports and credit scores

Equifax Data Breach – Suggested Next Steps

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There is much we still don’t know about the massive data breach that occurred at Equifax, one of the three credit reporting bureaus. As of now, it appears that over half of the adult population of the United States – about 143 million people – had their personal identification information stolen. This data could include social security numbers, names, addresses and dates of birth. In other words, all that a fraudster would need to impersonate you and open new accounts, credit cards, etc. Other information like credit card numbers and drivers licenses also seems to have been stolen from a…
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Identity Theft Prevention & Cybersecurity Best Practices

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Years ago, careful watch over your wallet and important documents was sufficient protection against identity theft and fraud. Unfortunately, those days are long gone, as such theft is growing exponentially, and cybersecurity breaches impact millions of people each year. Each individual must take action in order to keep his or her information safe. It is a mistake to assume that the safeguards your financial institutions (banks, credit cards, financial advisor, etc.) have in place are all that is needed to protect you. Below we highlight some cyber security best practices: Password Management Use a password manager to store details and…
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