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Chris Jennings, CFP®

Chris is an advisor in our NYC office.

The Mid-Career Financial Preparedness Checklist

For many, turning 50 represents a significant moment of self-awareness. It’s also a time when uniquely successful individuals become aware that ...


The Pre-Retirement Preparedness Checklist

Approaching retirement represents a significant milestone in life’s journey Our Checklist helps you answer a host of questions regarding retirement: ...

RSUs vs. ISOs

RSUs vs. ISOs: Equity Compensation 101

Chances are that if you’ve reached a point in your career where your employer has granted you Incentive Stock Options ...

The Financial Uncertainty Preparedness Checklist

There are few industries in the world that have accomplished what the US commercial aviation industry has—an almost perfect record ...

Two gold bands and a gavel on a forest green book illustrating the divorce asset planning guide from Wealthspire.

The Divorce Checklist

Many who find themselves on the brink of divorce say they aren’t fully aware of what they have or what ...


Pre-Marital Preparedness Checklist

Congratulations! You’re getting married! In addition to planning your ceremony and guest list, you may want to take this time ...