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Tax Planning Opportunities with QSBS – “Packing” & “Stacking”

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Section 1202 – An Overview Previously, we've discussed the historical context, shareholder/corporate qualification requirements, and common shareholder issues faced by holders of Section 1202 stock, more popularly referred to as Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). IRC Section 1202 allows qualified shareholders to exclude from federal income tax the greater of: $10 million of realized capital gain, or 10 times the stockholder’s adjusted cost basis, upon the sale of QSBS in a calendar year. The requirements to qualify for this generous tax exclusion are numerous and should be discussed with experienced legal, tax, and financial advisory experts before any action is…
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Selecting a Financial Advisor

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Do you know what to consider when selecting a financial advisor? It’s never too early to secure your financial future. Managing your finances can be time-consuming and complicated, especially if you experience a sudden change in cash flow, run into unforeseen tax or legal ramifications, and more. Financial planners provide many benefits, helping you: Get your finances in order and establish long-term goals. Understand your risk tolerance. Save time while planning for the future. Navigate financial rules and regulations. However, not all financial advisors are the same. Our guide, “How to Select a Financial Advisor,” will guide you through the…
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