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Our dedicated team offers in-house expertise

When is the last time you said to yourself:
“I really need to revise my Will, but where do I start?”

Now, a harder question… when is the last time you asked yourself: “What do I want my legacy to be?

If you are considering questions like these on a regular basis and taking action to address them, then kudos to you. The majority of our clients, however, either don’t have the excess time required to focus on estate planning all by themselves (let alone answer more difficult existential questions), or it doesn’t occur to them to ask these types of questions.

That’s where we come in.

We are here not only to provide technical expertise, but also to make your life easier. With respect to our estate planning services, here’s what to expect when you work with any one of our advisors at Wealthspire:

What do we do?

We educate you about your options, help you craft an estate plan that makes sense for you and your family and, most importantly, usher you to the finish line.

In our experience, often the biggest challenge to proper estate planning is simply finding the time. You put off finishing or updating your estate plan because other things are more important. Life gets in the way. But we help move the process along seamlessly. Your advisor team coordinates directly with your estate planning attorney to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and that your estate plan is brought to full completion.

Estate planning, however, is not a one-time deal. It requires regular care and feeding. Because we are in regular contact with you, we are often in a better position than any of your other trusted professionals to identify when your plan needs to be reconsidered. We know you. We know your family. And, most importantly, we have a deep understanding of what you are looking to accomplish. In addition to “quarterbacking” the initial estate planning process for you, we also work with you and your attorney to ensure your plan remains up-to-date, in line with your current wishes and in line with the ever-changing tax landscape.

Wealthspire Staff at work
Wealthspire Staff at work

Why do we do it?

Because estate planning is so much more than simply signing a Will. Because we feel passionately that your family should be taken care of in the way that you intended. It’s critically important to us that the legacy you envision is precisely the one that you will pass on to your family. Time and time again, when our advisors are asked why they do what they do, they respond by saying that they enjoy helping people. If you stopped by any one of our offices, you would see each of them buzzing with advisors exchanging ideas with one another, enthusiastically seeking to come up with solutions for each individual client. Regardless of whether your estate planning needs are simple or complicated, if we can successfully guide you through the process, we know that we are making a difference in your life.

Our Dedicated Team

Our dedicated Trusts and Estates team is comprised of experienced attorneys who can help you meet your objectives. In addition to working directly with some of our highest net worth clients, our Trusts and Estates team also conducts extensive internal training, ensuring that our advisors maintain an in-depth understanding of relevant laws in order to benefit each and every one of our clients.

Please Note: Wealthspire is not a law firm.  Wealthspire does not prepare legal documents.

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