Our 6 Step Planning Process

Before we work with you,
we must know you

At Wealthspire Advisors, we believe financial planning is the basis for sound investment management.

At Wealthspire Advisors, we believe financial planning is the basis for sound investment management.

No architect would bring building blueprints to the first meeting with a client and neither do we. We have no preconceptions about how we will advise you until we have completed a process of mutual discovery.

Our 6 Step Process

Please review the following 6 step process to learn how families become our clients. You incur no cost or obligation for the Hot Topic conversation, creation of the Base Case Financial Plan, or the First Review. As a prospective family, you can exit this process at any time if you are not satisfied with the recommendations we provide.

1: Hot Topic

Individuals and families reach out to us most often after a transitional life event: a new job or a big promotion, getting married, starting a family, inheriting money, selling a business or getting divorced. An important part of our initial information gathering is identifying what keeps you up at night.

2: Base Case Financial Plan

We ask you to provide us with the information we need to create your base case financial plan. This plan will include analysis of your income sources, living expenses, major projected expenses such as college tuition, assets such as investments and real estate and liabilities such as a mortgage and credit cards.

3: First Review

In this meeting, in person or a Zoom session, we will show you the base case plan, fill in gaps in our knowledge of your situation and answer any questions you may have.

4: Agreement

The provision of financial advice creates rights and responsibilities for both client and advisor. After our first planning meeting, we’ll ask you to review and sign our agreement. You can cancel this agreement at any time.

5: The Details

In subsequent meetings and phone calls, we finalize the details of your financial plan together with you. We explain how we address your various financial needs.

6: On-boarding

  • We “clarify & simplify” your investment accounts with a single custodian, Charles Schwab in Texas.
  • We adjust your asset allocation to optimize investment returns while minimizing taxes.
  • We train you how to access the planning tools on your personal financial dashboard.

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