Client Experience

The Wealthspire® Client Experience

Our greatest aspiration? Making a difference in the lives of our clients.

We see every day as an opportunity to deepen our client relationships through trust and expertise. To do that, we rely on some unique practices.

Collaborative Service Teams

We structure our service teams in a way that provides clients with multiple points of contact while also giving the advisors an opportunity to leverage each others’ specialized expertise. Our clients can rest assured that the challenges of their financial lives are being deeply considered by a broad team, and that solutions that are provided to them have been vetted thoroughly.


We communicate with clients on a regular basis, tailoring the method and frequency to their needs and preferences. Our regular meetings with clients are an opportunity to focus on portfolio performance, but more importantly, any other material changes in a client’s life. The deeper we understand our clients, the better we can create a complete plan for their goals and aspirations.


In addition to regular meetings, clients have the ability to review their portfolio at their convenience through our secure digital client portal. This can include assets not under our advisement, enabling us to provide the most complete picture possible.

We Believe in Coordination

Greater results are achieved when all members of a team work together; this is why we work closely with all of our clients’ trusted advisors. This ensures that an overall financial and investment plan is designed, fully executed, and routinely updated, keeping all members of a clients’ team focused on their goals and objectives.

1 Attorneys

2 Accountants

3 Insurance Providers

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