Financial Literacy for Kids: Teaching Good Money Habits Across Generations

How do you instill good money habits in kids and teens that will lead to smart decisions as adults? When it comes to financial education for your children, it’s never too early to get started. Wealthspire Advisors recently hosted a fireside chat with Sheila Schroeder, Regional Head of Business Development, and Oliver Pursche, Senior Vice President. Moderated by Heather Flanagan, Managing Director and Head of Family Office Services, this webinar was designed to educate parents and kids on how to talk about money.
Heather Flanagan

About Heather Flanagan

Based in our NY office, Heather serves as Head of Family Office Services.

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Oliver Pursche

About Oliver Pursche, AAMS®, CEPA

Oliver is an advisor in our Westport, CT office.

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Sheila Schroeder

About Sheila Schroeder

Sheila Schroeder serves as Regional Head of Business Development in San Francisco, CA.

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