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Howard SHoward Sontagontag, Chairman

As the founder of a firm with my own name on the door, why would we choose a new name? As we officially begin doing business as Wealthspire Advisors, our rebranding makes it clear that our firms are now a single organization with common purpose and consistent values.

When I founded Sontag Advisory in 1995, the independent advisor universe was just beginning to grow. The idea of representing the client as their fiduciary, with independence from any product or investment firm, was the crucial ingredient in longstanding growth and client retention.

Putting Sontag and Bronfman Rothschild together as Wealthspire Advisors is more than a name change. It is all about providing more choices to clients; maintaining personal committed connectivity; offering a deeper investment team; improving our ability to retain and attract high level team members; and gaining economies of scale on client reporting and portfolio management and oversight.

I understand the fundamental truth that a firm is only as good as its individual talent. Ultimately Wealthspire will be carried by our people. We are proud to enter our next phase of fiduciary service to our clients.


Mike LaMenaMike LaMena, CEO

As Bronfman Rothschild and Sontag Advisory become Wealthspire Advisors, our name rests on three important elements:

We are “better together,” helping clients realize their aspirational goals with expanded and state-of-the-art capabilities and services. Our combined firm brings infrastructure, advisor talent and investment expertise that sets us apart and strengthens our ability to serve clients.

We have a shared vision for the future of our firm, our excellent shared culture, and a mutual commitment to an independent, fiduciary business model. Wealthspire is built upon a principled approach to serving clients. Our strong fiduciary focus defines our holistic planning-centric approach, tailored investments, and fee-only business model.

As Wealthspire Advisors, we will continue to attract the industry’s top talent. Our deep expertise, coupled with NFP’s scale and backing, allows us to deliver exceptional service and value to our clients.

As we move forward as Wealthspire Advisors, we are excited about the future and our potential to continue serving the needs of our clients.


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Howard Sontag

Howard is chairman of Wealthspire Advisors and is based in our New York headquarters.

Mike LaMena, AIF®

Mike is Chief Executive Officer of Wealthspire and is based in our New York headquarters.