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Financial Dictionary
Fiduciary Definition A fiduciary is a person (or entity) who acts on behalf of another party and who must put that party’s interests ahead of their own. Typically, people who make financial, medical, or legal decisions on another’s behalf are fiduciaries. What is Fiduciary Duty? For fiduciaries, their “duty of care” refers to an obligation to avoid being deceptive or misleading to clients and entails careful thought and critical review of all information before making decisions on their behalf. This includes complete disclosure of any and all facts or information that investors would consider to be important or could affect…
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Data Dashboards: Use Business Intelligence to Improve

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My job, as well as the business intelligence I use every day, are about collecting and sharing meaningful information with the leaders managing Wealthspire Advisors and the advisors who serve our clients. With the advent of big data, more meaningful information is available than ever before. In the past, we maintained massive spreadsheets to track multiple datapoints, manually updating row after row of numbers. We were lucky if we were able to share that data monthly, let alone weekly. Today the data we track is automated with crawlers pulling information from multiple sources to update dashboard reports we look at…
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