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Getting Spousal Social Security Benefits if Your Last Names Do Not Match

Aging reality hits you when you reach your “FRA,” or Full Retirement Age as defined by the Social Security Administration. ...


The Many Uses of Margin Loans

Margin refers to an investor’s use of leverage relative to his or her own assets. In other words, it’s “borrowing ...

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What Should I Do With My Old 401(k)?

It’s a question that comes up often – what should I do with my old 401(k)? There is no one-size-fits-all ...

property ownership

Basics of Property Ownership

The way in which you hold title to your assets can have a major impact on your estate plan. Different ...

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Planning Considerations for Millennials

Below, I explore some common planning considerations and issues that I encounter on a regular basis when working with clients ...

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Our Habits Matter

My five month old daughter is just beginning to understand the concept of cause and effect. She is learning that ...