Financial Planning

fiduciary advisor

The Importance of Working With a Fiduciary Advisor

Deciding to work with a financial advisor can be a stressful decision. It requires sharing intimate financial details with a ...

long term care

Planning for Long-Term Care: Exploring Your Options and Creating a Plan

Americans are living longer and healthier lives than at any other time in history. Average life expectancy in the US ...

intra-family loans

Intra-Family Loans: A Powerful Gifting Strategy

One of the most flexible and powerful gifting techniques is to loan money to other family members, especially in a ...

finances divorce

Organizing Finances Before, During, and After Divorce

Most people don’t begin their marriage expecting it to end in divorce. For those who are ending a marriage, having ...


Medicare: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

Medicare: The Basics Medicare is the Federal health insurance program for people ages 65 and older. The program helps pay ...

social security

Social Security Optimization: What You Should Know

It is no secret that many Americans are ill prepared for retirement (excluding our clients, of course). With the continued ...