Our process and our philosophies

Our Approach

Wealthspire’s Investment Team provides steady investment guidance to clients through strategic asset allocation, rigorous due diligence, and tailored portfolio construction. They focus on creating portfolio guidelines that are transparent and cover a wide range of client goals, address risk management and a consistent decision-making process, monitor portfolios and employing rebalancing to keep risks in line, and maintain discipline in decision making.

Investment Team Objectives

1 Create portfolio guidelines that are transparent and cover a wide range of client goals

2 Focus on risk management and a consistent decision-making process

3 Monitor portfolios and employ rebalancing to keep risks in line

4 Maintain discipline and avoid emotional decision making

An investment strategy as personal as your life goals

Like your financial plan, your investment approach is personal. At Wealthspire, our investment professionals are passionate about the financial markets, manager due diligence, and investment strategies. They work in lockstep with your advisor to develop a sound, highly-bespoke strategy that addresses portfolio performance, tax strategies, and risk tolerance to help you meet your life goals.  

And while the portfolios we create for our clients are customized to their needs, our advisors and investment team are driven by a core set of tenets:

  • Sufficient diversification is essential to limit investment risk
  • Asset allocation is the key driver of long-term results
  • Turnover should be kept to a minimum
  • Investments must be considered with respect to the broader portfolio
  • Passive strategies are an important component of keeping fees low and managing risk
  • Straightforward, transparent, and liquid is better than “latest and greatest”

Discipline is key to our approach, which is why we don’t believe in chasing the latest market trends, “timing the market,” or terminating an asset manager for poor short-term performance.

Our Services

Investment Strategy & Asset Allocation

We begin with the understanding that we are not “all knowing,” and that we cannot precisely model the entirety of the investment universe. Knowing this, we utilize a flexible framework that blends the qualitative (our views) and the quantitative (modeling). The goal here is to achieve consistent returns while recognizing market risks.

Investment Due Diligence

Our dedicated expert trading team centralizes all trading activity for the firm. Many of our traders have decades of experience rebalancing portfolios and executing trades. Our trading systems allow us the flexibility to handle any desired portfolio customization and yet also the efficiency to scale our trading operations toward the best execution at our partner custodians.

Trading and Risk Management

Our cross-functional Risk Management team of highly experienced senior wealth management professionals meets regularly to review risks to clients and the firm. Areas of risk we discuss (and build projects to mitigate) include planning, trading, portfolio management, operations, compliance, business management, and marketing.

Impact investing

At Wealthspire Advisors® we work with clients & institutions to align their investments with their values and mission. We believe Impact Investing is an investment decision-making process that includes the impact of a portfolio’s investments on People, Places, and the Planet. More:


If your RIA is seeking additional expertise and leverage, our Outsourced CIO solution was designed to provide key deliverables that free up advisors to spend more time with clients while keeping your firm connected to the ultimate investment process they employ. More:

Our Dedicated Investment Team

Craig Amico, CFA®, CIPM®

Vice President, Investments

Craig serves as a member of the Investment Team and...

Frank Balas, CFA®

Vice President, Investments

Frank joined the team in 2023 as a Vice President...

Alberto Barajas

Associate, Investments

Alberto is a member of the Investment Team and is...

Eric Bernstein, CAIA

Senior Vice President, Investments

Since joining predecessor firm GM Advisory Group in 2015, Eric...

Diane Cauchois

Assistant Vice President, Investments

Diane Cauchois is an Assistant Vice President on the Investments...

Tim Curley

Vice President, Investments

Tim Curley is a Vice President on the Investments Team...

Connor Darrell, CFA®

Vice President, Investments

Connor is a Vice President on the Investment Team and...

Joseph Gallo

Associate, Investments

Joseph is a member of the Investment Team and is...

Justin Hult, MBA, CFA®

SVP, Head of Trading, Portfolio Management, and Risk Management

Justin Hult, based in the San Rafael office, is a...

Dmitriy Katsnelson

Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Dmitriy joined the firm in 2015 through the acquisition of...

Brent Katterheinrich

Assistant Vice President, Investments

Brent Katterheinrich joined the firm in 2014, originally as a...

Andrew Lopez

Associate, Investments

Andrew serves as an associate on the Investment Team, with...

Chris Maxey, CAIA

Managing Director, Chief Market Strategist

Chris serves as Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist on...

Corey McGuire, CFA®

Vice President, Investments

Corey serves as a Vice President on the Investment Team....

Charles Meixelsperger

Assistant Vice President, Investments

Charles brings to the firm a varied background in financial...

Michael Moriarty

Chief Investment Officer

Michael joined the firm in 2017. As Chief Investment Officer,...

Emily Platt, CFP®

Assistant Vice President, Investments

Emily joined the firm as a client associate in 2017...

Michael Price, CFA®

Vice President, Investments

Michael joined the firm in 2009 and is a member...

Nick Walser

Associate, Investments

Nick Walser is an associate on the Investment Team and...

Spencer Weiss

Associate, Investments

As an Associate on the Investments team, Spencer plays an...

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