Tax Strategy

A holistic approach to tax efficiency

Our dedicated tax policy and research team delivers coordinated support with your Wealthspire team and your outside advisors to look at all of your planning through a tax lens and provide ideas and educate the team regarding opportunities for tax efficiency.

We leave no stone unturned.

Review estate planning with focus on income tax implications

Uncover tax vulnerabilities and exposures

Review of investments with an income tax focus

Proactive assistance with planned transactions like business sales and executing stock options

Resource for tax return review of complicated returns in coordination with your CPA

Resource for education regarding changes in tax laws

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My Sunny and Warm Tax Haven

After spending a few days recently in the warmth of Miami, I always wonder why I do not live in …

tax savings qsbs

Tax Planning Opportunities with QSBS – “Packing” & “Stacking”

Section 1202 – An Overview Previously, we’ve discussed the historical context, shareholder/corporate qualification requirements, and common shareholder issues faced by …

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