An Introduction

It’s hard to believe that the beginning of a new school year will soon be upon us. However, those of us with children who receive special education services may look upon it with more dread than anticipation. For some, the school year evokes thoughts of PPTs and due process complaints, not back-to-school shopping.

The personal aspects of advice around special needs and education — the constant feeling that you must fight tooth and nail to protect your child — combine with my professional role as an advisor to parents in a similar position, moving me to do more for parents of children with special education and special needs (something I’ve gotten a bit of a taste of from my role with a non-profit, the Special Education Legal Fund).

I am fortunate to have many colleagues with similar personal and professional interests, and to be at a firm that makes this an area of focus. After some discussion, we decided that one way we could be helpful for parents would be to create more resources – we would give them more information about what to expect and what the pitfalls may be. While this can’t match the personal advice that we try to give our clients, it can’t hurt.

So, we are starting a series of blog posts about special needs and special education planning. We will look at education law and planning for minor children, as well as the transition issues that come when a child with special needs becomes an adult. Look for these upcoming topics:

  • Back to School IEP Tips
  • What is a Free Appropriate Public Education?
  • Estate Planning with a Special Needs Child
  • A Primer on Special Education Concepts
  • Administering a Special Needs Trust for a Minor Beneficiary
  • Due Process and Other Special Education Claims
  • Planning for an Adult Child with Disabilities
  • Administering a Special Needs Trust for an Adult Beneficiary

We may not answer every question in these posts, but we can guarantee one thing: we know how you feel. We look forward to comments and discussion on these issues.


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Michael Delgass, J.D.

Mike serves as an advisor and head of Wealthspire's Northeast Region.