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The Life Insurance Tax Trap – And How to Avoid It

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A major advantage of life insurance is a (typically) tax-free death benefit. In structuring life insurance, the owner of the policy generally assumes that the beneficiary will receive the death benefit without any tax being due. However, this assumption can prove incorrect in special cases. The 1946 court case, Goodman vs. Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, examined whether the death of an insured party created a taxable gift from the owner of the policy to the beneficiary. Commonly called the Goodman Triangle, the case can inform solutions to assure benefits remain tax free. As an example, assume the following:…
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tax reform

After Tax Reform: What Will Your 1040 Look Like?

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One of the most extensive tax code overhauls in decades is now law. Below is a brief outline of some of the major changes you may see on your Form 1040 for 2018 due to this tax reform (remember these changes have almost no impact on your 2017 return): Income Tax Rates and Brackets: The number of income tax brackets remains steady at seven, although some income shifted into lower brackets. Click here for a breakdown of the new brackets. Below are a few examples of how the tax reform would impact your 2018 return: For example, for a married…
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