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margin borrowing

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Margin Borrowing

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It is often surprising to find so few investors and financial professionals that are aware of the possibilities and advantages of borrowing on margin (a practice I will refer to here as “margin”). Some consider margin taboo, or do not have a clear understanding of benefits, risks, drawbacks or mechanics. This will discuss the basics of the margin process for those looking for new ideas to manage cash flow. What is margin and what are the benefits? Margin is the act of borrowing cash from a financial custodian by using current portfolio assets as collateral. The major benefits, if used…
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Keep Your Identity to Yourself!

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With all the recent headlines from the hacking of consumer data at Equifax, combined with data breaches over the years at Target, JPMorgan Chase, Yahoo!, Sony, and many more, it is probably safe to assume that your personal financial data is not completely secure in our cyber world. Per a recent study by Javelin Research out of Pleasanton, California, about one out of every sixteen US consumers were a victim of identity theft in 2016, with damages close to $16 billion. Further, most victims are not even aware that they have been hacked for many months. Fraudsters using your basic…
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investment goals

Reaching Your Long-Term Investment Goals: Get Started with a Roadmap

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You are interested in a Long-Term Investment Strategy but not sure where to start. Good! This is for you. Throughout the journey of our professional careers, we will encounter many major decisions, some of which we are more prepared for than others. Depending on your background and interests, you may understand that you need a plan for long-term investment goals, but do not know where to start. If so, know that you’re not alone. To build confidence in your plan, it is important to understand that building wealth through a long-term investment strategy is a journey with many options, detours,…
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donor advised funds investing

Optimize Your Charitable Giving with Donor Advised Funds

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In addition to the personal fulfillment many individuals find by supporting charitable causes special to them, a thoughtfully planned and implemented charitable giving strategy can result in greater tax savings and after-tax results. For investors who own appreciated assets such as publicly-traded or privately-held stock, mutual funds, real estate, or a sizeable IRA, there are significant benefits to gifting those assets to qualified charities, instead of writing checks or using a credit card (far beyond credit card rewards!). There are many different vehicles for charitable giving, including direct transfers to a charity, donor advised funds, private foundations, qualified charitable distributions,…
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