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summer reading list

Summer Reading List 2021

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Now that school is out and a holiday weekend is just around the corner, some may be looking to brush up on their summer reading. This set of recommendations comes from three of our advisors who found these books to be enjoyable, edifying, and well worth the read. Enjoy! “Uncharted – How to Navigate the Future” by Margaret Heffernan Recommended by Laura Barry, CFP® Uncharted: How to Navigate the Future is a great read for those who experience worry about their future, especially for those who constantly seek certainty. In her book, former CEO and TED speaker Margaret Heffernan gives…
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Three Financial Skills Millennials Can Master Now

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Today, millennials make up over a quarter of our nation’s population, and more than a third of the workforce. With numbers growing still, we are becoming the largest generation in U.S. history, but these aren’t the only numbers that set us apart. Millennials face vastly different financial circumstances than those of their parents—with student loan debt increasing by 84% in the last decade and some cost of living indicators steadily rising, the financial burdens of our generation can seem overwhelming. So, what can we do now to set us up for success in the future? In this post, we will…
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