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planning opportunities

Planning Strategies to Consider in a Volatile Environment

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While the Coronavirus pandemic has brought its share of fear and anxiety, it also brings some favorable financial planning opportunities that can be of significant benefit for you and your family. Below are some opportunities to consider. 1. Harvesting Capital Losses: An approximate 20% decline in equity markets from the early year high, along with volatility in sectors of fixed income markets have caused security values to decline.  As we periodically rebalance portfolios, in taxable accounts we look to realize capital losses and replace sold positions with similar, but not identical, securities to maintain desired exposures. When we “harvest” capital…
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Credit reports and credit scores

Credit Reports and Credit Scores: the Importance of Periodic Reviews

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For many, credit information is a mystery until applying for a loan/lease, credit card, or mortgage. Often by that time, negative and/or erroneous information on one’s credit report will have already caused problems resulting in possible denials of credit or higher interest rates due to creditor perceived risk. Because your credit report is a means for creditors, landlords, and others to know your creditworthiness, it is important to review the reports periodically to check for mistakes or negative information as well identity theft, which has become more common in recent years.  Not addressing such issues may mislead creditors, ruin your…
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taxation benefits

Taxation of Benefits When States of Employment and Domicile Differ

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For many, working in one state and living in another is a common situation. For example, a 2017 report cited by the New York Times estimates that over 300,000 people commute from New Jersey to New York each day. For those commuters, filing an income tax return in both states each year is the norm. The typical process is to withhold and pay tax in the state where you work while you also file in your resident state and claim a credit for taxes paid to the non-resident state. For those who cross state lines to work, there is also…
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