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Chris Kiessling, CFP®

risk tolerance

Understanding Risk Tolerance

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There is always something to be uncertain about and one does not have to look very hard to find negative headlines. This is part of why investing can seem so difficult, even in periods of relative calm. It becomes even more challenging during times of elevated turmoil. Having a well thought out investment plan and portfolio that aligns with your goals can help you stay the course. Part of this preparation includes understanding and accepting that a certain level of risk must be taken. Those who have the discipline to stick with their plan tend to be the most successful…
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social security

Social Security Optimization: What You Should Know

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It is no secret that many Americans are ill prepared for retirement (excluding our clients, of course). With the continued disappearance of defined-benefit pension plans (apart from public sector employees), inadequate savings, and low interest rates, people are depending on Social Security now more than ever before. Despite these facts, billions of dollars in lifetime benefits are lost each year because retirees make uninformed decisions about claiming Social Security benefits. This white paper will discuss various concepts to consider in order to help maximize lifetime Social Security benefits. Regardless of whether you feel Social Security will be a major factor…
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